Brilliant Backgrounds to Make Your Products Stand Out!
Brilliant Backgrounds to Make Your Products Stand Out!

When it comes to producing catalogues, flyers, online shopping websites or just about anything where you need an impressive visual grab, a great trick of the trade is to clear out the background. Set your product against a neutral tone, and it immediately becomes the focus of your viewer's attention. 

The fact is that even on the best photoshoot, backgrounds are tricky. They always seem to come out muddy, or off tone, or the wrong shade. But a clean, fresh background is absolutely essential to the success of your image. So what do you do?

Simple - you come to us! We apply our technological wizardry, and you get perfect images every time.

Show It At Its Best!

To emphasize your product you need to show it off to its best effect. Have it float on a transparent background so your customers see it in all its glory! Or dazzle them with a background of pure white. Let your products bask in the glow of a pristine setting.

Need a custom effect? We have loads of backgrounds you can choose from, so you always get the best possible effect. Steal a march on your competitors. Make your products stand out from the crowd and wow your customers with images they just can't resist!

Sounds Great- But Is It Expensive?

No! The great thing about Pheditor is that it's amazing value.  We offer the lowest prices around for our top quality image processing. And with results this good, you can't afford not to use our services! Poor advertising and promotional images lose you sales. So let Pheditor increase your sales while saving you money.

Is it Complicated? What Do I Have To Do?

Don't worry, there's virtually nothing to it. Because we're experts in background replacement and image enhancement, we've made the whole process as easy as pie. Just follow these 3 simple steps;

1. First register online and upload your images to our website.

2. Next choose your  background - colour, shade, pattern etc. Whatever you need to make your products look fantastic.

3. Then pay, and wait for our email saying your images are done.

It couldn't be easier!  And because we know that time matters to your business, we'll let you know at the outset how long the job will take. And we'll stick to that time, no matter what.

Your Imagination Is The Only Limit!

With clever colour matching you can get brilliant effects. And we can do whatever you want. For example;

Your product's coloured in shades of light blue? Choose a dark blue background for a superb contrast. Got pictures of people on a boat at sea? Choose a pale blue background, and they'll look terrific. Want your products to stand out loud and clear Choose a plain white background for stunning clarity.

Not sure what's best? No problem. Our highly trained consultants will be delighted to advise you.Brilliant Backgrounds to Make Your Products Stand Out!